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welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog


It is here that I will fill you in with up to date news and new events within the chiropractic world!

By leeroy2585, Mar 3 2016 11:44AM

Musculoskeletal disorders place a heavy burden on the NHS in the UK. Traditionally, treatment for these disorders has been confined to hospital outpatient departments, but this is likely to change with the announcement by the Department of Health of an extension to the choice of provider of Musculoskeletal (MSK) services for back and neck pain, underpinned by the principles of extending patient choice, driving up quality, reducing cost and enabling innovation.

Chiropractors are well placed to deliver high quality evidence-based care for back and neck pain, as has already been illustrated by the highly successful, award-winning service in the NE Essex NHS Trust. Chiropractors from the British Chiropractic Association have recently been working with the NHS and the Department of Health to look at how commissioners can work locally with chiropractors and use chiropractors as Any Qualified Providers (AQP) for the treatment of back and neck pain.

Further reading can be found on the BCA website


By leeroy2585, Sep 15 2015 12:30PM

How many minutes a day do you spend looking at the screen of your smartphone? SImple applications allow us to email, facebook, text and game at the touch of a button. But whilst you are doing this are you thinking of your neck? A recent study by the Journal of Behavioral Addictions found that some people can spend up to 10 hours a day on their smartphone!

Your neck is not going to thank you for all this time spent on your smartphone! Dr. Kennith Hansraj, the chief of Spine Surgery with New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, has studied this effect and found that the force of having your head tilted forwards for long periods has damaging results on the cerical area of your spine.

A head weighs roughly 11Ibs. If you are sat with correct posture then there is 11Ibs of force passing down through the neck. However, if you lean forward creating a 15 degree angle in your neck, that pressure is found to more than double. This puts an extreme amount of pressure on your neck whilst trying to hold it up!

Being aware of this fact is the first step to helping yourself. The second tep is to spend less time on the smartphone and raising it to eye level when you do so.

Furthermore, regular chiropractic treatment for neck pain can also be beneficial and ease the strain through your neck.

If you are suffering with naeck pain and want some advice + treatment then call the penarth chiro on 07791266703.

By leeroy2585, Jun 17 2015 07:26AM

A recent study from The Annals of Internal Medicine reports that chiropractic is more effective than medication for neck pain.

272 patients with neck pain were given 1 of 3 treatments: medication, exercise or chiropractic care. Following 12 weeks of treatment, patients in the chiropractic and exercise group experienced the most pain reduction. The chiropractic patients went on to experience these benefits for a year demonstrating chiropractic can give long term relief.

The success of both the exercise and chiropractic group is likely due to the fact that both treatments address the cause of the pain unlike the medication which ultimately masks the symptoms. Whether your neck pain is a result of an injury or sitting at a desk for long hours, chiropractic care can restore your normal health free of pain, without the adverse effects of drugs.


By leeroy2585, May 12 2015 01:29PM

25% of drivers admit that driving either adds to their problem or feel that it is the cause of their symptoms. Check out these helpful tips from the British Chiropractic Association to help when driving:

If you share a car with a partner or friend then always adjust the seat position before a journey.

- The back of the seat should be set slightly back, so that if eels comfortrable and so your elbows are at a relaxed angle when driving

- Your hands should fall naturally on to the steering wheel with a slight bend in the arms ( If the wheel is too far away then tension can build in the shoulder and upper back. If it is too close then tension can build in the wrists and upper back also).

- Set your mirrir before you set off. You should not have to move your head to look in the mirror!

- Your feet should also fall naturally onto the pedals. The pedal should be moved by predominantly the ankle and minimal use of the knee.

Avoid high heels or thick soled shoes. This results in over exetnding the ankle in order to use the pedals. This position rises your thigh from seat and can create tension in the calf, imparing blood flow on long journeys.

- TAKE A BREAK - the british chiropractic association advises that you should stop and strectch every 2 hour and allow plenty of time for the journey to prevent stress!

By leeroy2585, Apr 14 2015 10:31AM

Asparagus is not only tasty stuff it is also packed with bone boosting vitamin K and the electrolyte potassium. It is also high in folic acid, which is vital for healthy cell formation. Asparagus contains potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds such as saponins which help to lower cholesterol and support the immune system, and glutathione, which may improve fat metabolism and reduce muscle fatigue. It is also a good source of iron and contains vitamin C which helps optomise absorption of the mineral!

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