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welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog


It is here that I will fill you in with up to date news and new events within the chiropractic world!

By leeroy2585, Mar 9 2015 12:00PM

You have probably heard that nitrates in beetroot aids endurance. A new study from Milan suggests it could be most beneficial for new runners. Taking nitrate supplements for 6 days had a bigger impact on the performance of runners at the lower end of the fitness spectrum. It was found that the less fit the subject, the greater the improvement in a 3km time trial.

By leeroy2585, Feb 26 2015 02:11PM

Have you got plantar fasciitis? Strengthen, do not stretch, is the finding of a Danish study. Subjects with the problem were assigned to either a plantar fascia stretch or single leg calf raises off a step. After 3 months, the strength group had seen more improvement. The calf-raise exercise was performed with the toes on a rolled up towel, increasing the degree of dorsiflexion (towards the shin).

TRY IT! Roll up a towel and place it on a step, with the toes of your affected foot on the top. Lift your good foot off the floor and slowly rise up onto the ball of the other foot. Hold for two seconds, then slowly lower. Aim for three sets of 12 reps every other day.

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