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Can chiropractic help me?


Chiropractic can help with a number of complaints including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and other joint and muscle related injuries. A range of musculoskeletal conditions including sports injuries and postural imbalances are also helped with chiropractic care.


I've heard that chiropractors 'crack backs'?


'Back cracking' is a little dramatic! When someone relates to having their 'back cracked', they will be talking about a chiropractic adjustment. This is a specific type of treatment that chiropractors use to decrease pain and restore movement within specific joints - mainly in the back! The 'popping' sensation often heard tends to be a release of gas from the joint.


Does treatment hurt?


Chiropractic adjustments are not usually painful. It is more likely that an adjustment will result in mild post treatment tenderness, but usually resolves quickly. Other techniques, such as deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable at the time but is normally described as 'good pain!'


Dry needling (medical acupuncture) is also used which can be a little uncomfortable at the time of treatment.


How many treatments will I need?


This will be determined by the nature of the complaint. Prognosis varied widely from one complaint to the next, but chiropractic uses the best available evidence in health care to help you return to normal function as quickly as possible.


Is there anything I can do to relieve pain before I visit?


Easier said than done, keep moving! This prevents further joint stiffening and muscular spasms. Also, over the counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatories are very effective for pain relief and decreased swelling.


Shall I use ice or heat?


Ice packs provide excellent relief from pain by relaxing muscle spasm, calming pain receptors and decreasing swellin/bruising. Remember to wrap an ice pack in a thin material such as a tea-towell to prevent a freeze burn at the skin.


How much does treatment cost??


Fees are kept simple. An initial consulation is £45, which includes treatment and lasts for an hour. Follow up treatments last for 30 minutes and cost £30.


Do I need to be referred by my GP?


No. Chiropractors are medically trained primary-care practitioners. Chiropractors are qualified to assess and diagnose patients without prior referral. By seeing your chiropractor before your GP you will be able to receive treatment more quickly, and if you need any scans or further investigation rather than treatment your chiropractor can refer you directly for these at the time.